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Personal Injury ChiroTouch Macro


Ready to force the insurance adjustors to take you more seriously?


Note: Other than providing a macro that runs on the ChiroTouch EHR system, we are in no way a subsidiary of, partner of, or in a business relationship of any kind with ChiroTouch itself.

Compiling a narrative can be a bit of a guess. Are you doing it correctly or effectively? What do attorneys and insurance adjustors think of your particular brand of narrative?

While getting it right is a constantly moving target, we think we can help you make a difference and set yourself apart from your colleagues in the minds of all parties involved!

Do you have a nice professional presentation with bolded sections that effectively separate your narratives and make them easier to read and search through?

Are patient complaints clearly stated, separated, and the means of measurement of the complaints clearly cited and backed up by published research abstracts?

Are you graphing the ranges of motion or using pictures effectively in your reports?

Are you effectively using your research-cited and backed Outcome Assessments in your narratives?

The PI-Main macro allows you to make your rad report in seconds! Then, just copy and paste it into your narrative!

Don’t miss the big stuff! And certainly don’t fail to explain it when it’s present.

What are your treatment recommendations? Do you back them up sufficiently and effectively?

Are you importing your radiology images into your narratives and sending the narratives through digital means? Do you have a system to keep track of it all?

Most importantly, are you standing on concrete? Or quicksand?